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The app “HRT - Heart Rate Training” for iphone/ipad/ipod touch helps you keep the right pace while training and competing. The app tells you what your current heart rate is with sound in the language you use. You select how often you want to be alerted and you select whether you want the information in bpm (beats per minute) or % of your maximum heart rate. To use the app you need a bluetooth smart heart rate device, for example Wahoo Blue HR or Polar H7.

You will find many articles describing how to do heart rate training on the internet, by searching for ”Heart Rate Training” for example. The main idea is that you get different results depending on what heart rate you have compared to your maximum heart rate. When competing, staying in an elevated heart rate zone too long can decrease your performance. One of the advantages with the HRT app is that you can select how often you want to be alerted and be able to adapt your performance immediately. The app is easy to use and is as suitable for professional athletes as for amateurs. The app also features a customizable heart rate recovery mechanism. Measure how fast your heart rate drops after training. It is normally considered to be a sign of improving physical condition if your heart rate drops faster.

The app is free. If you use it a lot you will be encouraged to buy it.

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