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Erlend Thune

Born 10. November, 1968 i Oslo
Address: Fiskekroken 1, 9017 Tromsø
Telephone: 41209858(mobile)
Home page:
Nationality: Norwegian


2014-today The norwegian centre for ICT in education, Tromsø, Norway, Senior advisor
  • Development of MOOC in mathematics.
Keywords: Canvas, MOOC, javascript, css, bootstrap, handlebars, grunt, ruby, json

2006-2014 Breivang vgs (public upper secondary school), Tromsø, Norway, Teacher
  • Teaching mathematics, technology and natural science
Keywords: 3D-printer, Sketchup, Geogebra

2006-2008 Frisvold privatgymnas (independent upper secondary school), Tromsø, Norway, Teacher
  • Physics
2006 Merlot, Oslo, Norway, Travel guide
  • Bordeaux-Cognac, Provence-Arles, Two weeks.
2003-2005 InFront, Oslo, Norway, Senior Systems Developer
  • Development of protocol converters and proprietary servers.
Keywords: Financial information systems, C++, MySql, C#, ASP.NET, SSL, X.509 Certificates, IIS, VNC

2002-2003 Erlend Thune, M.Sc., Oslo, Norway, Consultant
  • "Conditional Access"guidance for Tandberg Television ASA.
  • Development of video clip web service for SportSim.
  • Web design of gender equality campaign.
  • Development and sales of Palm programs and utilities.
Keywords: Conditional Access, Video clip server, Video For Windows, web service, http, web design, Palm OS, PRC-Tools, conduit, xml, xsl, xsd, javascript, activeX

1999-2002 Tandberg Television ASA, Lysaker, Norway, Developer
  • Development, maintenance and testing of control system for digital television systems.
  • Integration of 3d party "Conditional Access" systems.
Keywords: DVB, Windows, Visual C++, XML, XSL, DAO, SNMP, tcp/ip, MFC, Installshield, Agile Programming, Refactoring, Patterns

1996-1999 Detec ASA, Oslo, Norway, Project manager,
  • Installation of DETEC 8.0 local- and remote video surveillance systems.
  • Development of sales tools, sale and marketing in Norway, France, England, Germany, USA and the Middle East.
  • Development of communication library and distributable I/O module.
  • Responsible for Detec ASA's internet home page.
Keywords: Windows, Visual C++, MFC, RAS, WinSock, tcp/ip, router, HUB, ISDN, modem, intranet, RS232, industrial I/O cards, InstallShield, html.

1994-1996 Hewlett Packard, Telecom Networks Division, Grenoble, France, Quality engineer
  • “Factory Acceptance Testing“ and “Customer Acceptance Testing” of HLR/AuC (GSM) and SCP (IN).
  • Development of test tools and use of SS7/GSM analysers (HP 37900D, Tekelec).
  • Responsible for “System Test & Support“'s intranet home page.
Keywords: Unix, C, C++, ksh, awk, sed, perl, Tcl, Tk, expect, dejagnu, ddts, html.

1992 BULL, Grenoble, France, Developer
  • Development of a mail server. Two months.
Keywords: Unix, C, lex, yacc.

1991 Computer Aided Technologies, Erlangen, Germany, Developer
  • Development of a mathematical C library. Two months.
Keywords: Unix, C, Fortran.

1989 Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, Norway, Student assistent
  • Student assistent in computer science. One semester.

1988 Royal Norwegian Air Force, Gardermoen, Norway, logistics officer
  • Logistics officer
  • Development of a databasep rogram for the telecommunication department.

1992-1994 Ecole Nationale Supèrieure des Télécommunications, Paris, France
  • Fourth year of the norwegian "Master of science" in computer science. Specialization in electronics and communication. Group project in Compass.
  • Main project on "Study on the JPEG parameters for the CIE (1976) LAB uniform color space".

1989-1992 Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, Norway
  • Computer science. Group project in C++.

1987-1989 Royal Norwegian Air Force Officer School, Stavern, Norway
  • Logistics.

  • Fluent.
  • Fluent.
  • Spoken.
  • Spoken.
Kite surfing, programming, swimming, skiing, off road bicycling, sailing, triathlon.